NEW for 2017 – IDEA Centre

Cronton Sixth Form College IDEA Centre

Opening May 19th 2017

The IDEA Centre is a brand new state of the art building at Cronton Sixth Form which will aim to educate students using some of the most advanced industry standard equipment and methods.

Students studying various courses including Science, Engineering, Sport, IT, Business and Health Studies will have the opportunity to work alongside local and national companies to provide them with the up to date skills needed to gain employment in a variety of industries.

Cronton Sixth Form College IDEA Centre

The facility will have a strong focus on Industry 4.0; the current industry movement of automation and digital data exchange in manufacturing processes. Students will have access to the latest digital fabrication equipment for prototyping, such as 3D printers.

There will also be a focus on computer science and computer programming, virtual reality technologies, robotics, PLC assembly lines, flow level control systems, pneumatic and hydraulic systems and sports science.

The new centre will enable more cross curriculum learning, with students from all subject areas using the facilities to collaborate on project ideas, produce design concepts and develop prototype products. This will encourage team building and interaction between courses.