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Rachel Dowbekin – CHEER Coordinator based Cronton campus.
The role of CHEER Coordinator is to support the further development of the college community by fostering a vibrant and welcoming culture in the college with many student centred events. To actively contribute to the following areas: Charity, Health & Wellbeing, Enrichment, Equality and Diversity and Religion.

I strive to support every student in encouraging them to explore their interests during their time at college and to take an active role in college life by contributing to building and maintaining a college community through cross college student events, such as charity events and celebrating religious and cultural occasions.

C.H.E.E.R permeates all aspects of college life:

CHEER offers a warm welcome to staff, students and visitors of all faiths and none and actively promotes positive inter-faith relationships in the college and contributes to the awareness of multi faith issues. I work with a range of partners; including local schools, charities and community groups, to organise high profile events which aim to promote diversity and celebrate all faiths and continue to champion a culture of respect and kindness.

Cheer cronton sixth form college riverside college widnes

Getting involved

We get involved with whole college and world events such as the Remembrance Services, Cake and Carols, Pancakes for Shove Tuesday, Easter Egg Challenge, Mental Health and LGBT awareness weeks and International Women’s Day. We work alongside other professionals and organisations and can refer people to other services who may help them.
CHEER is at the heart of a lot of the charity work at Cronton Sixth Form and Riverside College. Over the last few months we have been involved with many great causes both nationally and locally, including: World Aids Day, Christmas Jumper Day, Children In Need, The Valentines Day, Sports Relief and Race for life.

Student Network Committee

Do you want to shape your college experience? Develop your organisation and leadership skills? Contribute to student events? If so, Join the Student Network Committee!
SNC does it all, from the monthly quiz to charity and religious events and everything in between. They are responsible for the development of a wide-ranging set of cultural, social and intellectual programmes for the enjoyment of the entire campus. Students are given numerous opportunities to shape their experiences and contribute to college activities. This can really help new students as they are settling in to College. Many of our college events are determined through our college pastoral events calendar.

Cheer cronton sixth form college riverside college widnes

Where can you find us?

We are based in Student Services.

Contact Rachel Dowbekin, CHEER Coordinator – Rachel.Dowbekin@cronton.ac.uk

Come and see us if you have any ideas or would like to get involved in any of the future events.